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Yocto based projects, why, when, and why not

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Yocto is a powerful build system, very suitable for the embedded world needs.

it allows customizing and selecting every aspect of the Linux distribution we would like to create.

however before starting with that there are few things to consider:

software updates: updating packages in Yocto is not as easy as with more common Linux distributions, keep in mind, apt-get \ yum is not included, so you need to build all packages from the build system.

how-to: there are many "tricks" and ways to include packages \ copy files, etc with the build system.

to better understand the complexity, and point you are really at, try and start with a simple task, add default new cron job (timed task, for example script that will run on every system reboot) to be included in the build, this is the kind of typical actions that you will need to support, and will provide you with good indication on the skill level needed for building distribution.

why use it: because it provides superior performance in small embedded Linux systems, it provides good support for OTA updates (assuming you know how to support it \ including connecting that to a good server back-end solution). and overall you can create a stable, long lasting software product using Yocto correctly

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